Phuket, Thailand – Hidden Treasures to Add to your Must-Visit List

Phuket, Thailand – Hidden Treasures to Add to your Must-Visit List

So, you finally booked your 3-week annual getaway, and you chose Phuket as your destination, which is a wise move. While there are many cool activities that everyone wants in this tropical paradise, there are a few hidden gems that tour guides don’t know about. We aren’t supposed to be giving out this information, the locals have no desire to see their place turned into a tourist resort, so keep these gems to yourself.

Sai Keaw Beach –In Thai, Sai Keaw means ‘glass beach’ and this bay is like something on a postcard, with clear blue water and golden sand that sparkles in the sun. The beach is located near Phuket Airport; ask any taxi driver to take you to ‘Haad Sai Keaw’ and he will know where to go. Don’t be surprised if there are no tourists, as this beach is not known outside of the locals. Staying at one of thePhuket resorts near Patong Beach puts you in the thick of the nightlife action.

Green Heart Garden – This beautiful restaurant is located near Kata Beach, on the hills overlooking the bay, which is not visible from the beach. Teak terraces and bamboo furniture provide the perfect relaxation environment, while the friendly staff are always at hand. This is a strictly Thai restaurant, “Ran ahandamm sang”, or restaurant to order, which means they can cook most Thai dishes. No booking is needed, as not many people know of its existence.

Koh Bon – Bon Island is south of Rawai Beach and a short boat ride is all it takes to visit this small tropical island; don’t expect shops or restaurants (except the Bon Island Restaurant), which is right on the beach. If there was ever a place you could spend the rest of your life in, this would be it! You can visit anytime; just ask a boat owner and he’ll be happy to take you and bring you back after a couple of cocktails.

Wat Phra Nang Sang – While this stunning Buddhist temple can be seen from the road, not many tourists stop for a visit. This is the oldest temple in Phuket and you will see some bizarre statues, which are strange indeed. There is a large reclining Buddha and many oil paintings to admire. Click here for information on tourism for the disabled.

Kathu Museum – The museum has recently opened; a beautiful Thai house that showcases Thai cuisine, with a section on herbs and spices. Lovers of Thai food should visit this quaint and unusual museum, which is an educational experience. The house used to be part of a local beer brewing company and it was left empty for many years and was only recently renovated, which is why the museum is not yet on any tourist maps.

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