My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog: The Guidence for Parent Travellers

My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog: The Guidence for Parent Travellers

Welcome to My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog which aims to inspire and guide other families to enjoy travel with their childrens. Our four person family enjoys traveling to new places to experience the local foods and culture and make lifetime memories. Although we can understand that it might be difficult for parents to travel with their kids but it is still an enjoyable experience. In this blog post we will cover our top packing advice,  how to choose the best holiday spot, how to travel with babies, and how to reduce spending while taking the family on holiday.

What is My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog

My Little Babog is a popular family lifestyle and travel blog run by Mom Preethi, a dedicated mom who loves sharing her family adventures and experiences with her readers. The blog provides a platform for Preethi to document her family travel experience, parenting journey and other lifestyle related stories.

The blog name itself “My Little Babog” is endearing and highlighting Preethi’s love for her children and family. She started the blog in 2015 to share her parenting journey and connect with other parents going through similar experiences. However, over the years, the blog has evolved into a platform where Preethi shares her family travel adventures, parenting tips, recipes, and product reviews.

The main topic of Preethi blog is travel because Preethi and her family are avid travelers and they share their experiences through stunning photography and detailed write ups. The blog covers everything, from travelling to stunning locations to discovering undiscovered gems. Preethi’s travel writing offers insightful advice on how to travel cheaply and efficiently pack for a family with young kids.

My Little Babog also focuses on parenting and family lifestyle related topics in addition to travel. Preethi shares her personal experiences and opinions on various aspects of parenting, from pregnancy and childbirth to raising children in a digital age. She also covers topics such as family friendly activities, recipes and product reviews, offering valuable insights and tips for other parents.

My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog Packing Tips 

My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog

Make a List

Before starting packing make a list of the items that you may need while traveling. This will ensure that you do not forget to carry any important items. Preethi suggests creating a list for each family member and using it as a reference when packing.

Roll Your Clothes

It’s far easier to save space in your backpack by rolling your garments rather than folding them. It also helps prevent wrinkles which is particularly helpful if you are traveling for a special event. Preethi recommends that rolling each item of clothing tightly and placing them in your luggage in a way that maximizes space.

Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes help to keep your luggage organized and makes it easy to find what you need quickly. Preethi suggests using different colored cubes for each family member which will make it easy to identify each person belongings.

Pack a First Aid Kit

Preethi recommends packing a small first aid kit with essentials such as band aids, pain relievers and any necessary medications. A first aid kit is helpful in the case that you suffer a small illness or accident while travelling.

Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

Bring a reusable water bottle along with you because this will save your money to buying water bottles when traveling in an eco friendly zone. Preeti suggests choosing a sturdy leakproof bottle that can be refilled during your travels.

Don’t Forget The Essentials

Preethi reminds readers do not  forget the essentials such as passports, travel documents, and chargers for electronic devices. She suggests keeping these items separate and packed in a easily accessible pouch to ensure they are always within reach.

Which categories are covered by My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog?

My Little Babog is a popular blog for family life and travel that discussed variety of topics including parenting, family life, travel and food. 

Parenting: This category of My Little Babog provides guidance on parenting from pregnancy to toddler years. It covers wide range of topics like breastfeeding, potty training, sleep training and dealing with behavioral issues in children. The blog provides practical advice and tips to help parents navigate the challenges that come with raising children. Additionally, the category includes product reviews for baby gear and toys.

Family Life: In this category, My Little Babog provides insights of everyday family life. It covers topics like family traditions, education, health and wellbeing. The blog also provides ideas for activities and crafts that families can do together. The category gives readers a glimpse into the day to day life of family including the ups and downs and how they navigate through them.

Travel: This category of My Little Babog covers family travel both in Ireland and abroad. It provides information on family friendly destinations, accommodations and activities. The blog includes detailed itineraries, tips for traveling with kids and recommendations for places for eat. The category also includes reviews of theme parks, zoos and other attractions that families might want to visit.

Food: In the food section of My Little Babog, you will find recipes for dishes, snacks and desserts that the whole family will enjoy. The blog features kid friendly recipes that are simple to prepare. The dishes offer options for kids with dietary restrictions and usually include healthy ingredients.

My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog Traveling Advice: How You Can Reduce Your Expenses

My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog


My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog offers valuable advice on how to spend less money while traveling.

Preethi suggests taking advantage of loyalty programs and rewards programs. Many airlines and hotel chains offer loyalty programs that can earn you free flights and hotel stays. Preethi recommends signing up for these programs before your trip to start earning rewards.

Another tip is to be flexible with your travel dates. Preethi recommends using online tools such as Skyscanner and Google Flights to compare the prices on different dates. You can reduce the cost of flights and accommodations by being flexible with your travel dates. 

Preethi also suggests using public transportation instead of renting a car or taking taxis because Public transportation is much cheaper. Preethi also advises taking use of bike sharing programs which are becoming more and more common in many places.

Lastly, Preethi advises doing some research before you start your vacation. Look for free activities and attractions in the area you are visiting such as museums with free admission days or parks and beaches. You can save money while traveling and still have a nice time by making advance plans and taking advantage of free activities.

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Tips for Traveling With Babies By My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog

Pack A Portable Crib: Although many hotels and resorts provide cribs but if you carrying your own portable crib that can guarantee your child in a comfortable and secure sleeping environment.

Bring A Stroller: Traveling with babies and toddlers requires a compact and lightweight stroller. It may also be taken on airplanes as a carry on item.

Pack Plenty Of Diapers And Wipes: Bring more diapers and wipes than you think you will need. It is preferable to have too many than not enough.

Bring a Baby Carrier: Using a baby carrier can free up your hands so you can explore your location freely.

Final Thought

If you are traveling with your family and children for the first time My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog is the perfect travel guide for you. Learning from the experiences of other parents who have traveled with their children is crucial and this blog provides valuable insights, suggestions, and firsthand accounts of family adventures. With the help of My Little Babog guides, you can plan your family trips with ease.

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