The Top 5 Places to Stay in Thailand

The Top 5 Places to Stay in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most visited countries on the planet and while we don’t know about you, we’ve never met anyone who went to Thailand and didn’t have a great time! This magical land seems to enchant all who set foot in this tropical paradise and if you are planning your first trip to the Land of Smiles, here is our top 5 list of places to visit.

Phuket – Book a luxury hotel near Patong Beach and get ready for a perfect getaway; there are many reasons why Phuket is the most visited province, year after year. The Andaman Sea is amazing, with such a diverse variety of marine life; you can swim with whale sharks and bottle-nose dolphins, plus you can gain your PADI scuba diving certificate, or spend a day deep sea fishing.

Koh Samui – Another island in the south of Thailand, on the other side of Phuket, Koh Samui is in the Bay of Thailand. The island is very developed; you would have loved it in the 1970s when there were no hotels; Samui Island is popular with Scandinavian and Chinese tourists and a smaller island, Koh Pan Gnan, is the site of the famous full moon parties. Great nightlife and a wide range of activities await the traveller who sets off from Bangkok to Koh Samui; there are flights from Bangkok, or you can jump on a coach that takes you to a ferry terminal in Surathani.

Chiang Mai – The capital of the north, Chiang Mai has much to offer the tourist and is in complete contrast to the beaches in the south. Visit the hill tribe people and enjoy hikes in the mountains, while the climate is slightly cooler, thanks to the altitude. If you are into temples, you’ll love northern Thailand, which has its own distinct culture, with warm, hospitality from the locals. If Australia is your next holiday destination, here are some places to visit.

Hua Hin – This is a quiet coastal town about 3 hours south of Bangkok; the Thai Royal family have a beautiful palace in Hua Hin, which is a popular destination for retired Europeans. A little further south is Pran Buri, which is less developed and has stunning beaches. Hua Hin has much to offer the tourist, with some spectacular golf courses within driving distance; you can play some of the best courses in the world and as you would expect, every service is offered.

Pattaya – This never used to be a family-friendly place, thanks to the many go-go bars, yet things are indeed changing and families are staying in the many plush hotels. There are lots of expats living in and around Pattaya and who could blame them for retiring in such a place?

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