Discover a Different Side of Barcelona with Private Catamaran Hire

Discover a Different Side of Barcelona with Private Catamaran Hire

Ever dreamt of a unique break from the hustle and bustle? Of experiencing something extraordinary? It’s time to set sail on an unmatched journey across the stunning Mediterranean waters off Barcelona with a privately chartered catamaran. Imagine having an entire luxury vessel to yourself, equipped with a top-notch crew attending to your every need.

Tailor-Made Adventures

Cast aside the restrictions of standard group tours. The magic lies in customization. Our hourly catamaran rental in Barcelona hands you the reins of your voyage. Fancy greeting the rising sun from the heart of the Mediterranean? Or perhaps you’re drawn to the peacefulness of a midnight sail under a starry sky? Your desires shape the journey.

Experienced Crew at Your Disposal

Experience the Mediterranean like never before, with a proficient crew ready to serve you. Allow them to guide you to Barcelona’s coastal treasures while you sit back and revel in the journey, free from the demands of navigation. From skilled captains to attentive service staff, the crew’s mission is to ensure you experience the epitome of luxury and comfort.

The Craft – A Harmony of Elegance and Ease

Our catamarans are more than just boats; they’re floating realms of relaxation. Offering ample space, stability, and lavish furnishings, they assure unparalleled comfort. Enjoy panoramic ocean vistas from the expansive deck, or find solace in the luxurious indoor seating area. These vessels feature modern amenities and promise a haven of peace amidst the blue expanse.

More Than a Voyage

The allure of our private hourly catamaran hire in Barcelona is that it offers more than just a sail. How about a refreshing dip in the open sea? Or exploring marine life with the onboard snorkeling equipment? Your oceanic adventure can be as exhilarating or as relaxed as you wish.

Crafting Timeless Memories

This is not just a sailing experience; it’s a memory-maker. Mark significant life events, share a romantic sunset with your partner or throw a memorable party against the enchanting backdrop of Barcelona’s beautiful coastline. The catamaran, the ocean, and the captivating charm of the city will make every instant memorable.


Hiring a private hourly catamaran in Barcelona is not just about the destination; it’s about relishing the journey. With Barcelona’s magnificent skyline as your canvas and the liberty to discover at your own rhythm, each voyage becomes an unforgettable adventure. No matter if you’re an ocean veteran or a keen explorer, this nautical expedition promises a memory you’ll cherish. So why wait? Your catamaran is ready. Embark on a voyage into the Mediterranean’s heart, and explore Barcelona from a fresh perspective.

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