5 Great Packing Tips for Your Next Sailing Trip

5 Great Packing Tips for Your Next Sailing Trip

Going on a sailing trip is an adventure of a lifetime.

There is nothing like skimming through beautiful waves on your way to one of the most popular sailing destinations in the world.

The beautiful sea, saltwater breeze, sunshine, and views to inspire and amaze, are all things you can expect to experience. Get ready to destress and rejuvenate your soul! There is only one thing standing in your way – what on earth do you pack?

Deciding what to pack can be tough, after all, you’ve probably heard that shoes aren’t generally a necessity on board. The short answer is not too much, the longer answer involves these five items below:

Sunglasses and Hats

The combination of the glare from the clear ocean water and the marvelous sunshine means that sunglasses and hats are an absolute must to protect your face, eyes, and head from the gorgeous rays of summer!

There are so many trendy options to choose from that you should consider packing more than one option of each. Besides, you can never own too many hats.


The beauty of bathing suits is that you can pack as many as you like because they squish down to a tiny size. Aim to have around 2 or 3 options – you’ll need one for lounging around in, one for water sports, and a spare just to be fancy – after all, you are on a luxurious yacht after a jet charter.

If you like, invest in a pair of swim leggings. These are a handy option for going ashore or taking a swim in. They dry super quickly and can pass off as shorts.

Lightweight Clothing

Obviously, this only applies to summer vacations, but don’t let all the excitement of a trip cause you to forget the most important clothing items – coverups. Bring lightweight options on board with you.

They are perfect for mealtimes and trips to the shore. Choose ones that are easy to throw over your bathing suits and stylish. Exploring The British Virgin Islands with 12knots is a fabulous idea for the perfect summer vacation or celebration.


When it comes to finances on board, cash is king.

Pack a combination of cash and credit cards. Smaller ports don’t have ATMs, and cards aren’t always accepted by cafes and shops in these areas. You’ll also need cash at the end of your trip to give the crew a well-deserved tip!

Don’t be one of those guests with a mile-long preference sheet and a meager gratuity when disembarking. Those crew people work long hours and incredibly hard to keep you and your guests happy, fed, and feeling like a million bucks.


Don’t forget to pack the crucial items like a toothbrush, dry bags, insect repellent, and seasick pills. Also, remember that decent lip and skin care are essentials when going out to sea. As enjoyable as that sea breeze is, it can wreak havoc on your skin.

Pack extra moisturizers – and remember to apply sunscreen when you’re outside. Your skin will thank you later!

Apart from those things, remember to pack some board games or a book for when you don’t want to be outside or get tired of being in the sun.

To End

Sailing is a fantastic experience, but inclement weather conditions can ruin a trip out to sea. Be prepared to spend the trip inside if it rains or consider scheduling your holiday during a more predictable period.

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