The Rise in Popularity of Wellness Resorts in Thailand – A New Trend in Holidays

The Rise in Popularity of Wellness Resorts in Thailand – A New Trend in Holidays

For many decades, the general focus for holidays was a beach resort in the sun and just chill out, which is a restful experience that recharges your batteries, yet people want more, and the wellness resort has all the answers. There’s no better place than the tropical paradise that is Thailand for a wellness resort.

What is a Wellness Resort?

The technical definition of a wellness resort is a venue that focuses on inner well-being, blending a tranquil environment with healthy food and purposeful exercise. Many resources are available, allowing guests to tailor their experience, with activities to develop spiritually, mentally and physically. Book a stay at the stunning Amatara wellness resort in Phuket and recharge your batteries.

Holistic Physiotherapy

This focuses on any physical issues or ailments; each person is unique and a trained physio would examine you and create an exercise plan. When you spend time with a physio, the healthcare expert teaches you about your body, helping you to deal with aches and pains that might arise in the future, while helping you to design the perfect workout routine.

Soothing Spas

Why not enjoy a spa daily? Thailand is a top country when it comes to massage and spa treatments, with state-of-the-art suites and qualified personnel. The resort is typically set in lush tropical gardens to create a serene ambience, while meditation and yoga are both on the menu. Click here for how to plan your next trip.

The following are on offer:

  • Essential oil spa & massage
  • Deluxe holistic treatments
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Premium facial treatments
  • Daily infrared sauna

You can either ask your assigned specialist to prepare a daily schedule or you can choose any of the services that are available around the clock.


Cleansing out the system is an integral part of wellness and there are numerous detox packages to suit your lifestyle; of course, the longer your stay, the more you can detox. Prior to booking your stay, talk to the staff about tailoring a program that is right for you; you can chat with various healthcare experts to help plan your stay.


The majority of guests wish to learn how to meditate and being a Buddhist nation, meditation is widely practiced in Thailand. Meditation brings on a sense of contentment and well-being and when coupled with yoga, this is great stress relief. Learn from a Thai master, while receiving Buddhist instruction and you can change your mindset.

Self Improvement

While a regular holiday is a time to relax and recharge your batteries, one aspect of a wellness holiday is self-improvement, when you get home, you have a new routine that you planned with your coordinator. We could all do with a shake-up every now and then and there’s no better way to improve your life than booking a stay at a top-rated wellness resort. We all need to focus on our overall health & well-being and booking a stay at a Thai wellness resort is something you should do every year.

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