Top 7 Things to Do in St. Louis

Top 7 Things to Do in St. Louis

St Louis is a city in the state of Missouri. It is where the Mississippi River runs. You will love it here as there are several attractions. Would you like a list of the best things that you may like to do here?

Things to do in St. Louis

St Louis – The City

St Louis is also known as the gateway city. You get to ride to the top of the tallest monument in the country.

Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is not to be missed when in St. Louis. You will need to board a tram and ride to the top. You enter a pod that takes precisely four minutes to make the ascend. The journey is spectacular letting you view the city and the Old Courthouse. Once you the top you get a bird’s eye view of the city.

When on the ground you can visit the museum. When you go there you will learn the history of this place.

Six Flags St Louis

Are you someone who likes adventure? Then visit the Six Flags. Everyone finds the rides to be thrilling. You can fly similar to a bat. You can also splash in the rapids. Maybe you want to visit here with your family and friends.

Visit the Magic House

Peek into the Magic House if you are visiting the city with children. It is a child-sized village. Children love to try things here. Costumes are a favourite among the kids. Here is a showcase of life in other countries. Elderly kids can engage themselves with the 3D printers and the charge balls. There are also shows held here from time to time.

Forest Park

You will experience a different culture here at the Forest Park. There is a history and art museum here. You can explore the outdoor theatre also. The Forest Park is something that all love. Whatever be your age you can go here.

Visualise the Art Al Fresco

If you are an art lover then St Louis is sure to be a great choice for you. Visit City Garden and Laumeier Sculpture Park. You will be able to see some sculptures, rain gardens and plants here. If you like public art then the walls of Washington are a must.

Heart of America

Another popular place is the Heart of America. You can visit the Saint Louis Zoo and the World Bank Sanctuary. Encounter with some furry animals here. Also, check the aquarium.

City Museum

Another attraction for children is the City Museum. Your mom and dad can visit this place.Don’t worry if you are adult. You will enjoy it. Get into the whale’s mouth. You can also pilot a plane that is suspended in the air. You can also try out some circus skills here

Science Centre

The Saint Louis Science Centre is a great place. Meet the dinosaurs. Gape at the night sky. Pay a visit to the science exhibition. You can also visit the museum. It has a children’s and science museum. There is also an indoor playground.

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