All You Need To Know About Dhow Cruise In Dubai Marina

All You Need To Know About Dhow Cruise In Dubai Marina

If you don’t know where to begin when planning a Dhow cruise Dubai Marina, you can start with learning what a dhow is. A dhow is an ancient Middle Eastern ship used to deliver goods from Arabic to Muslim countries. It remains relevant in 2023 as a touristy type of cruise ship.

The best dhow cruises in Dubai are the ones that give you the full cruise experience, with all the extras and trimmings like a dinner and a show or on-deck games and entertainment as you go Dubai sightseeing in the Dubai Marina.

The Earmarks of the Best Dubai Dhow Cruises

The best Dubai dhow cruises don’t usually depend on the provider. Rather, it instead depends on the available dhow cruises when you actually book for them. Some providers are available every day while others are available every month.

However, the best cruises for you are those available to you as soon as you book them, which is usually limited to two or three dhow cruises for the day or more for the next month if you were to book them in advance.

These dhow cruises might seem similar in a “You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!” manner, but every provider provides something a little different in terms of perks. one of the best available Dhow cruise prtovider you can choose for both Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek Dhow cruises.

The Virtues of Going to a Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise

You can opt for a multitude of available Dubai dhow cruises that vary by dhow size and whether you’re booking them for the Dubai Marina or Dubai Creek as well as the Dubai Canal. The biggest problem here is the queue since many other tourists and locals will be booking dhow cruises as well.

Might we recommend getting a Marina dhow cruise? It’s the most popular cruise because of its scenic route and amazing view of the Dubai skyline. You’ll also get four to five star Michelin chef cuisine prepared for you.

How to Get Your Hands on a Decent Dubai Dhow Cruise

The more advanced you book the more dinner cruises with a view you could get. Dhows are particularly great for sightseeing in the sea because of their large window design.

Reasonably priced dhow cruises also come with their own entertainment, from on-deck bands to dancing in case you’re there for a dinner date with a spouse or partner. The Marina is a well-developed type of cruise because the Marina was specifically built with tourists in mind as well.

Availability and prices will vary depending on when you book, whether it’s peak season or not, or whether you’re facing inclement weather at the time.

What’s the Appeal of the Dhow Cruise in Dubai?

Cruising through the traditional wooden dhow boat makes more sense than a yacht, ferryboat, or speedboat in the Dubai Marina or Creek for the simple fact that you’re in Dubai. It adds local flavor to your travels and tourist experience.

It enriches your trip the same way going to the Spice Souk has more Dubai flavor than simply grocery shopping at the mall. As for the dinner cruise, you’ll get your local flavor from the dinner you eat with local delights, the bands playing, and the Dubai skyline surrounding you.

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