A Guide to the Best Beverages to Pair with Your Mykonos Holiday Experience

A Guide to the Best Beverages to Pair with Your Mykonos Holiday Experience

Mykonos is not just an island; it’s a vibe. Whether you’re lounging by the beach or partying till dawn, the experience isn’t complete without the right drinks in hand. But with an overwhelming array of choices, where do you start? From cocktails that capture the island’s vibrant energy to non-alcoholic sips that refresh and rejuvenate, explore the best drinks to pair with your Mykonos vacation. 

The Spirit of Mykonos

The spirit of Greece is alive and well in Mykonos, despite it being a luxury destination. Not many folks can resist the allure of great Greek spirits like Ouzo and Mastiha, so why should you? Fitting in and getting a taste of the local culture will make the trip more enjoyable and inclusive.

Ouzo: The Iconic Greek Spirit

Ouzo is more than just a drink – it’s a cultural experience. Served in small glasses and often accompanied by a plate of appetizers like olives or cheese, Ouzo is deeply embedded in Greek social life. 

It’s usually consumed during leisurely lunches or dinners that stretch into the evening. When the Ouzo hits the ice or water, it turns from a clear liquid to a milky white, offering a visual spectacle that adds to the charm. If you’re not a fan of anise, try sipping it slowly and pairing it with some local seafood; you might find it more appealing that way.

Cocktails: A Celebration in a Glass

If the spirits aren’t your thing, how about a sweet, ice-cold cocktail? Some local renditions of famous cocktails can be found on various Mykonos menus, including the Mykonos Sunset and the Aegean Breeze. Some folks prefer their drinks sweet and less intense; that’s OK because Mykonos can offer that, too.

Mykonos Sunset

The Mykonos Sunset cocktail echoes the breathtaking sunsets of the island and captures the relaxed, indulgent atmosphere that Mykonos is famous for. You can mix it yourself in your luxury villa’s well-equipped kitchen, perhaps adding a twist of lemon for an extra citrus kick. Imagine enjoying this vibrant drink while watching the actual sunset, with the Aegean Sea as your backdrop—now that’s a holiday moment to remember.

Aegean Breeze

The Aegean Breeze cocktail is a go-to drink for any beach day. The gin provides a herbal complexity, while the blue curaçao adds a touch of the exotic, mimicking the vibrant blue of the Aegean Sea. 

The lemon juice and tonic bring the refreshing zest, making this cocktail balanced and suitable for any time of day. It’s the epitome of a vacation drink and offers a taste of the Aegean Sea without you even having to dip your toes in it.

Soothing Non-Alcoholic Choices

Non-alcoholic options are aplenty on the island; after all, some people prefer to have fun without alcohol. From local coffee and tea to frappes and herbal waters, you can start your day off with one of these drinks.

Greek Frappé

For the coffee lovers out there, the Greek Frappé is practically a lifeline. It’s not a typical American iced coffee but a unique concoction of instant coffee, cold water, and sugar, vigorously shaken to create a foam-covered iced beverage. It’s ideal for those hot Mykonian afternoons when you need a caffeine boost to transition from beach relaxation to night-time fun.

Lemon Mint Infused Water

In the summer heat, it’s essential to keep hydration interesting. Lemon-mint-infused water is an incredibly refreshing, health-conscious choice. The lemon adds a burst of tanginess, while the mint brings a cooling effect, making for a well-balanced, rejuvenating drink you can sip all day long, whether at the beach or lounging in your private villa.

Shots to Ignite the Night

After sipping on the long drinks, you might want to transition to shorter, stronger drinks. Shots like Tsipouro and Kamikaze are sure to keep you warm even after the sun sets, lighting a fire in your gut and boosting your adrenaline.

Tsipouro Shot

Tsipouro is the lesser-known cousin of Ouzo but packs a similarly robust punch. It’s often homemade, double-distilled, and can range from 40% to 45% alcohol, making it the perfect Kickstarter for any evening. 

The Greeks enjoy it most with a side of meze—small dishes that can range from olives to sardines to cheese. It’s not just a shot; it’s an introduction to a long night of festivities.


The Kamikaze is a classic party shot that fits right into the high-energy nightlife of Mykonos. It combines the robustness of vodka with the citrusy tang of lime and the sweetness of triple sec, offering a balanced yet powerful shot that can liven up any gathering. It’s the kind of shot you take when you’re ready to transition your evening from ‘fun’ to ‘unforgettable.’

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